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360 Lace Frontal Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Body Wave Human Hair Wig


So let me start out by saying I have purchased a few wigs on net because I like to change up my hairstyle without cutting it my natural hair length is 2 inches shorter than this wig, but my hair needs a break from the dry cold weather. I have also purchased a fair number of weaves over the last 3 years for my daughter because she hates doing her hair. So when I say that the quality of this human hair wigs is very nice, trust me! I do however have a small complaint. The hair is not 150% density, but rather closer to 130%, so that is disappointing for the money.

I naturally have thin hair so this thickness makes the wig look more natural on me, and more like my real hair. I would suggest sealing the knots prior to bleaching, washing or dying the hair! This will eliminate a lot of shedding many people have issues with I use Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant Glue. If you use this product to seal the knots, do not use to much or the glue will dry in the holes and make your scalp sparkly.

I was able to dye the hair a cherry cola color (at least until the sun lightens it) without any issues!! I made some bangs. I also had to cut out my ears, but it was minimal. I do agree that more hair wigs could go on the top of the wig, but after moving the hair around it was no longer a really big issue (this is due to the lack of true 150% density). The combs are oddly placed until you wear it because the combs do not pull on your edges they are place on the sides and top on back of your head. This allows you to wear the wig allday long without issues or headaches.

The lace knots did not seemed bleached, but you cannot see anything after putting it on. If you think its going to be an issue and do not feel confident in bleaching the knots, then add a little make-up concealer to the part of your lace wig that exposes the scalp. Washing it was easy, but make sure to use a higher quality of shampoo/conditioner to keep the hair looking healthy after it dries. I did add a little olive oil to the hair to keep the wavy wet look once dried. Overall I am happy with the purchase.