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18inch Body Wave Brazilian Human Hair Wigs 360 Lace Wigs


I shaved my head earlier this year in an attempt to completely start over in many ways. The first month walking around with short hair was really nice and I was very proud of it. However, I didn’t quite feel like myself and felt somewhat diminished. Growing my brazilian hair weave back was going to take a long time and I thought I was resigned to waiting it out.

I dont why but I had never thought to try on a wig until I ran into an old one from halloween. That sent me on a hunt to find the perfect piece that would improve my confidence and return my sense of self. I bought several wigs on net before I found this one. I WISH I HAD FOUND THIS FIRST. Confidence restored. Attitude returned. This piece is gorgeous. Right out of the box, I didn’t want to take it off.

It has a really great wave that is very glamorous. This is my favorite wig purchased from anywhere. I also want to note that the company is really great to work with, quick to respond and excellent at solving problems. I will likely buy from them again, maybe this one or another one similar.