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Lace Real Natural For Women, Straight Lace Front Wig


I cannot believe how perfect this wig is! The color 103 is the most beautiful champagne blonde. The bad reviews are obviously by someone inexperienced with lace front wigs where you do have to lay them down and use glue, ( I use got2be glued)… or they got a lemon wig because the one I have is just as good as my Raquel Welch wigs that I paid 400 or above for.

To make this baby look even more real, you will need to take a razor (whether a professional hair razor or literally a cheap throw away razor for legs) and make the baby hairs shorter. I made mine about 3 inches long with some shorter and longer to make it look more real. You will also need to cut a vertical small cut where your ears are so you can lay the hair to the back behind the ear and bring the sideburns forward. You will need to trim them as well, I razored mine pretty long to about my jaw length which is how my natural hair is.

Then you will need to pluck with tweezers (or twist around finger close to lace and pull) the part. It is already nice but not wide enough for it to look natural. Then take concealer or a powder foundation and take an eyeliner brush or very small makeup brush and go along the part with foundation that matches your skin tone. After you glue this girl down, she looks absolutely stunning. Well worth the price!