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Synthetic Lace Front Wig Dark Roots Long Natural Straight Silver Grey


I absolutely LOVE this wig. It’s the first ever lace front I’ve purchased and I adore it. The length is perfect, it doesn’t tangle as much as I expected, but it does shed moderately. I think cutting it to frame my face a little better would help as well. The roots are VERY dark, though, which was my only issue. I’ll need to learn to match my eyebrows with it rather than my normal red hair color.

It’s fairly thick and heavy feeling, and the clips on the sides keep it very secure, although I’m thinking about moving the comb on the crown to the back instead, so I can try styling the wig up as well. I’ve not tried styling it at all so I’m not sure how easy that is. I used baby powder for the shine and it worked okay but I could probably stand to use more on it.

After many years of coloring and heat to my hair it was quite damaged. It took me two years to grow my hair out to a full head of natural hair. This is great if you want a quick change without frying your hair. I can’t seem to take this wig off because that’s how much I love it!!!! It looks so real that I fooled all my friends! The length is perfect! Feels real, soft. Dry shampoo will def tone down the shine! I’m so in love. I can’t get over how beautiful it looks!