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Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair Remy Brazilian Clip in Hair Extensions


This is a awesome brand of hair extensions! I’ve used a lot of different brands and for the money this is one of the best places to get them without spending outrageous amount! My hair was fried one day by a hair professional That overbooked herself and was short on time .. and I’ve been wearing extensions ever since … Its been about 5 years since that incident happened and my real hair has gotten a lot better in time but now I’m addicted to hair extensions uk.

I put them in every day so you can say that I’ve had my fair share of hair extensions and when I say fair share I mean probably up to 30 different kinds of hair extension.. so I went through many different brands and like I said these work just as well as 150 to $200 human hair extensions in my own opinion I do think there’s better out there but for the price you cannot beat it !! They lasted for months and months if you like your hair curly you will love these they’re all great but you can curl them and it don’t fall throughout the day and if you like your hair straight I must say you must never curl them even after you wash them they do not do well to go back to as straight as they were when you bought them so if you like it straight never curl them….

I do really like these extensions. I’ve worn extensions for at least 10 years now. I know what to look for regarding making sure the ends aren’t thin, looking at the clips, the quality of the hair, and everything in between. Here is an honest review since I have bought and spent so much money on high end extensions and more on the low end as well. It’s been a journey.


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