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What Are Micro Loop Hair Extensions


The micro loop hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions that can last anything up to four months before they need readjusting. The good news is that the life span of these extensions is anywhere up to two years, which provides you with a good return on your investment.

If you are looking for a solution that you only use now and then when attending an event or wanting to style your hair in a certain way, then these are not for you. The micro loop hair extensions can take up to four hours to put in place and therefore you don’t want to remove them any time soon. They are made from real human hair, which provides you with a long lasting solution which can be styled, straightened and curled to meet your unique design needs.

The next thing you will need to know is that when you are ready to put the micro loop hair extensions in you will need clean, dry and straightened hair for the best results. Now you can do this on your own, though it is easier and less strenuous to have someone do it for you that has done these before, it can save valuable time and energy doing it this way.

The first step to placing your new extensions in is to section your hair. Always start from the bottom and work your way up in layers, this is called brick work and is the best way to achieve the results you are looking to achieve.

You will notice these hair extensions uk come with a clear loop and bead on the end, the idea is to thread a small section of your own hair through the loop and pull. The pulling motion causes your own hair to pull through the bead, which is then tightened using pliers to hold it in place.

The placement of the micro loop hair extensions is very important. You obviously don’t want everyone seeing the beads when you have your hair loose or tied up. You need to ensure you don’t come too close to your face or behind your ears, use a one finger width as a measuring tool. So place your finger flat against your head right against your temple where your hair starts and begin that finger width in.

It is also very important that when placing these extensions you don’t go too close to the root, again work one finger width to get the right distance from your natural hair root to reduce pulling and breaking. If you do put it in too close, you can loosen the bead and readjust it as necessary, this is one of the benefits of the micro loop hair extensions.


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