360 Lace Frontal Wigs Pre Plucked with Baby Hair Body Wave Human Hair Wig


So let me start out by saying I have purchased a few wigs on net because I like to change up my hairstyle without cutting it my natural hair length is 2 inches shorter than this wig, but my hair needs a break from the dry cold weather. I have also purchased a fair number of weaves over the last 3 years for my daughter because she hates doing her hair. So when I say that the quality of this human hair wigs is very nice, trust me! I do however have a small complaint. The hair is not 150% density, but rather closer to 130%, so that is disappointing for the money.

I naturally have thin hair so this thickness makes the wig look more natural on me, and more like my real hair. I would suggest sealing the knots prior to bleaching, washing or dying the hair! This will eliminate a lot of shedding many people have issues with I use Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant Glue. If you use this product to seal the knots, do not use to much or the glue will dry in the holes and make your scalp sparkly.

I was able to dye the hair a cherry cola color (at least until the sun lightens it) without any issues!! I made some bangs. I also had to cut out my ears, but it was minimal. I do agree that more hair wigs could go on the top of the wig, but after moving the hair around it was no longer a really big issue (this is due to the lack of true 150% density). The combs are oddly placed until you wear it because the combs do not pull on your edges they are place on the sides and top on back of your head. This allows you to wear the wig allday long without issues or headaches.

The lace knots did not seemed bleached, but you cannot see anything after putting it on. If you think its going to be an issue and do not feel confident in bleaching the knots, then add a little make-up concealer to the part of your lace wig that exposes the scalp. Washing it was easy, but make sure to use a higher quality of shampoo/conditioner to keep the hair looking healthy after it dries. I did add a little olive oil to the hair to keep the wavy wet look once dried. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Lace Front Wigs Body Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs


I absolutely love this hair!! It’s the perfect density and perfect cap size medium-it is adjustable. There is baby hair already pre-plucked, but I had to do some more plucking to make the baby hairs a little shorter. The hair comes pre-curled already which is kind of pointless because you need to wash it before you put the wig on your head.

Honestly, I wish I knew exactly how they curled the hair because I loved the precurled look and wanna recreate it. The smell of the hair is the same as any regular wig or weave would smell like. So, just wash it before use with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and it’ll be fine.

After washing the hair the color sort of changed from a slight light honey blonde to a yellow blonde, so I will be using a permanent hair dye to darken it to get a honey blonde e color. Also there is a lot of frizz to the hair after washing, but that can be fixed with the right conditioner/sheen/curling it. Hope my review helps someone! I’m really glad I got this!

Brazilian Virgin Lace Frontal Wig Bleached Konts Pre Plucked with Baby Hair


First off… I ordered the wrong thing.. I really meant to order a 360 unit… but this isn’t one.. that’s my fault… so that aside… this wig exceeds expectations. It’s literally almost too full!!! I ordered the curly and its a ton of hair!! I was expecting it to be thinner since it’s a 24 inch and you never get fullness with longer hair.. but this unit is super thick and full.. I love the cap and the construction…

The wefts are sewn onto a thick solid cap… not that loose crap where they hair goes back through it to get all knotted and tangled I experienced some shedding when I bleached the knots,(I think they were already bleached thought) washed, conditioned, and put products in it… Not too bad considering all i put it through though. And considering it has almost too much hair losing a few strands wasn’t a problem.

The curls all bounced back fully!!! The hair is soft… Strands all go all the way to the ends.. None of those short filler strands. All of it is long!! It could have had more baby hairs… but you can always make more of those. I haven’t yet because anytime I try to customize its always a death nail for any unit LOL.. But, it has baby hair around the frontal. The frontal is also thick!… Im going to order a body wave and straight next… I hope they’re just as good.

360 Lace Wig PrePlucked with Natural Hairline for Black Women


So can we just take a moment to appreciate this unit. I have been wearing units for 5 years. Both synthetic and human hair. For this being 130% density with this curl! I’m living for it. True to length, color, blended extremely well, and the lace was better than expected. On top of that they included nude caps?! I was like “Merry Christmas to me!” I mean honestly the only complaint that I would say I would have, and it’s not even a complaint.

There is a foul smell from the unit upon unpackaging, but you should be washing and conditioning your unit before even installing it. So the smell gets taken care of. The unit it’s self is lightweight, looks completely natural, and honestly is better quality than some of my $300 units. Following proper care instructions is definitely important, as for us veteran users Who already have a routine in place for wearing units, simply doing what we normally do is fine.

I sleep with it installed with a net cap and satin bonnet. Wake up, spitz some water and run my fingers through and it’s ready to go. I did have to pluck along the hair line juuuust a bit, barely. I also trimmed to create a few baby hairs. I will most definitely be ordering again in the future. My previous unit lasted 10 months with proper washing and conditioning every two weeks before reinstalling. So I’m excited to see how my persephone does. So far so good.

18inch Body Wave Brazilian Human Hair Wigs 360 Lace Wigs


I shaved my head earlier this year in an attempt to completely start over in many ways. The first month walking around with short hair was really nice and I was very proud of it. However, I didn’t quite feel like myself and felt somewhat diminished. Growing my brazilian hair weave back was going to take a long time and I thought I was resigned to waiting it out.

I dont why but I had never thought to try on a wig until I ran into an old one from halloween. That sent me on a hunt to find the perfect piece that would improve my confidence and return my sense of self. I bought several wigs on net before I found this one. I WISH I HAD FOUND THIS FIRST. Confidence restored. Attitude returned. This piece is gorgeous. Right out of the box, I didn’t want to take it off.

It has a really great wave that is very glamorous. This is my favorite wig purchased from anywhere. I also want to note that the company is really great to work with, quick to respond and excellent at solving problems. I will likely buy from them again, maybe this one or another one similar.


Yaki 360 Lace Frontal Wig Pre Plucked Bleached Knots 150% Density Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Women


At Frist I wasn’t sure about this hair. One it had a smell to it; but I believe it’s what ever they use to preserve the hair while it’s in storage. But I am one that always wash my units and deep condition before wearing ( smell went away after this process; use a Clarifying shampoo ). I ordered the Italian Yaki, 22in, 150 density, silk top.

The cap fits me prefect, It’s not heavy and the hair is thick. The silk top construction is not bulky. There will be a soft line of Demarcation but after I little bit of foundation fix it disappeared. The hair sheds lightly but all hair sheds. In Regards to tangles I had no issues; I wore it, flipped it back and forth and was able to comb it through without any major tangles as well as shading.

Over all it’s good hair for the price. I mean let’s be honest, if you want an awesome grade hair you will pay a hefty price. I buy wigs and have recommended different vendors to friends. This hair by far has the most comfortable cap with out any adjustments needed. I will reorder and recommend this vender.

Blonde High Density Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Weave Full Wigs For Women


I love this wig! I was skeptical about purchasing for several reasons, but I really wanted a wig without bangs as I can’t tolerate bangs and most wigs come with bangs to hide the cap. I figured for the price if it works great and if not it’s not s huge hole in my pocket.

Well this wig exceeded my expectations! I’m constantly getting compliments on it, and so many people telling me they didn’t even realize it was a wig etc. it looks super natural and everyone loves the ombré look it has! My only complaint is that it does shed more than my other wigs and is on the slightly heavier side compared to my other wigs.

Also it has metal hair pieces to attach to your hair, if you’re dealing with hair loss like me they can be uncomfortable at first but as you adjust to the wig you eventually forget they’re there. If you’re dealing with hairloss though I highly recommend this wig!

Brazilian Virgin Hair Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight Middle Part Machine Made Human Hair Wigs 12inch


This wig is amazing and looks so natural! The wig size will fit a larger head like mine which is great! I just received it (2 day shipping exactly) and first hand I experienced NO shedding as I was flat ironing it and combing the wig. The way this wig was designed is just what I needed! It has only lace by the center part which is perfect for me. I’m not too picky when it comes to my wigs but I don’t like shedding and a weak hair structure or hair texture… it must look natural. This wig so far goes beyond what I wanted!

Simple, classy, edgy, to the point, beginner friendly with full wigs (as I am) and easy maintenance. The hair parting and cut are very natural and believable! I haven’t washed or customized it yet but I can already tell this wig was made better than my other wig from another company that was $190 and 18” from my hair supply store.

This wig structure and hair is better than my $190 wig and the way it was created. For $51 you can’t beat that! Buy one, you will be satisfied for the price, plus you get a cute purple bag with it! Talk about a good deal! I’m so happy with my wig already!

FAQs on 360 Lace Frontal Wigs 150% Density Brazilian Virgin Hair Kinky Culry Human Hair Pre Plucked


Q:Is the hairline preplucked?
A:Yes dear, the hairline is preplucked

Q:Is this a full lace wig
A:I can wash it? if yes, hot or cold water.

Q:Is this pre plucked?
A:No, it’s not pre plucked. The wig on the pic looks more appealing and fuller than the product I received.

Q:What length hair is the model wearing?
A:16in or 18in. I can’t see where it stops but it looks more like a 16in

Q:I just ordered this wig. I measured my head and it is 23 1/2 inches. What size wig would I need and how to specify the size I want?
A:When I bought the wig I never though to measure it my head however it has a elastic in the back so you can put it to the correct head size. you should be fine.

Q:Hello, I recently ordered this wig in lace front but my q would be if I ordered full lace could I wear it up in a bun & or braid it?
A:Hi. I purchased full lace and yes you can wear it in a bun or a braid.

Q:How long can you keep the wig on your head if you sew it on ?
A:I would not wear the unit for longer than 2weeks as a sew-in. Some people wear their units for longer. I wouldn’t recommend more than 3weeks max. You want to wash your own hair and reinstall.

Q:Is the large cap in stock on this unit? If so, where do i specify thats what i need?
A:If you want large cap size , please send us an email before order it 🙂

Q:How do order small cap & 150 density? Is there a check box that I’m missing?
A:Hi dear , you could choose 150 density and send us an email about the details

Q:does this full lace have baby hairs all around it?
A:dear , this is lace front wig , baby hair all around all it , look so natural

13×6 Inch Lace Real Natural For Women–Soft&Smooth, Straight Lace Front Wig


I cannot believe how perfect this wig is! The color 103 is the most beautiful champagne blonde. The bad reviews are obviously by someone inexperienced with lace front wigs where you do have to lay them down and use glue, ( I use got2be glued)… or they got a lemon wig because the one I have is just as good as my Raquel Welch wigs that I paid 400 or above for.

To make this baby look even more real, you will need to take a razor (whether a professional hair razor or literally a cheap throw away razor for legs) and make the baby hairs shorter. I made mine about 3 inches long with some shorter and longer to make it look more real. You will also need to cut a vertical small cut where your ears are so you can lay the hair to the back behind the ear and bring the sideburns forward. You will need to trim them as well, I razored mine pretty long to about my jaw length which is how my natural hair is.

Then you will need to pluck with tweezers (or twist around finger close to lace and pull) the part. It is already nice but not wide enough for it to look natural. Then take concealer or a powder foundation and take an eyeliner brush or very small makeup brush and go along the part with foundation that matches your skin tone. After you glue this girl down, she looks absolutely stunning. Well worth the price!